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We can bring together a team of professionals to facilitate major development projects.


Property valuation, whether it be for a mortgage, stamp duty, litigation, Lands Tribunal (Cap. 545) etc. we provide trusted valuation services to suit our client's needs.


We offer agency services for sale, rent and auction for high-end luxury properties.

HK EAA Licence C-007868


Land Control, Land Management and Land Compensation. Our professionals are well versed in Hong Kong's Land Matters.


Our experienced Town Planners offer services for planning applications (S.16, S.12A, S.17 etc.) and planning feasibility studies.

 & LAND 

Negotiating reasonable lease terms and premiums.


We have extensive experience in compensation claims for properties affected by resumption and road works.


Taking the lead for major development projects and research studies, we'll help you unlock your asset's potential.

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